Elvis DVDs



Anything highlighted is not for trade. I also have a very extensive collection of Elvis audio. So, if you are looking for something in particular drop me a line and I will be glad to see if I have it. I will trade.....

1 DVDr For 1 DVDr

1 DVD For 2 Audio CDr-s, as long as they are flac or higher in quality. No MP3 albums please!

I will also trade multiple dvdr(s) for original import cds. Depending on the title of the CD.

Please keep in mind all of my discs are mixed formats. Some are NTSC and others are PAL. Please ask me to check if you DO NOT have a region free dvd player 



 1st, 2nd And Forever (STAR)

30 Elvis Movies (6 Discs) 

35th Anniversary Concert - Different Angles

35th Anniversary Concert - Different Angels Than The One Above 

48Hrs. Crazy About Elvis (VHS Rip) 

8mm Archives Vol. 06 

A Legendary Performer - The Next Generation 

A New Year For Elvis (STAR) 

Aloha From Hawaii (2006) 

Aloha Japanese

American Comes To Graceland (VHS Rip) 

An Indian In Vegas 

Bicentennial Elvis Vol. 02 

Bridge Over Troubled Water 

Candlelight Vigil 2013 

Capes And Thrills (VHS Rip) (2 Discs)

Chain Reaction (STAR) 


Class Of '55 Memphis Rock And Roll Homecoming 

Close Ups (VHS Rip) 

Collectors Gold Vol. 01 (VHS Rip) 

Collectors Gold Vol. 02 (VHS Rip) 

Coming Home (STAR) 

Concha Time (STAR) - Includes mini dvd "Raising The Bar" 

Cross Country Vol. 01 

Cross Country Vol. 03 (VHS Rip) (2 Discs) 

Culver City (Gettin' Down To Business). Papa Bear (2 Discs) 

Early Morning Rain (STAR) 

Elvis - Starring Kurt Russell 

Elvis 1969 - 1970 - Eternal Flame Production 

Elvis And Larry A Journey Shared 

Elvis And Me 

Elvis And Pat Boone Rockin' Rivals 

Elvis And The Beauty Queen (VHS Rip) - TV Logo present in the corner of the film 

Elvis And The Colonel 

Elvis - August 10, 1971 

Elvis By The Presleys' (3 Discs) 

Elvis Duets 

Elvis Found Alive 

Elvis He Didn't Come Back We Did 

Elvis His Best Friend Remembers 

Elvis His Life And Times 

Elvis In California (VHS Rip) 

Elvis In Concert - The Alternate CBS T.V. Special (STAR) 

Elvis In Person At The International Hotel (STAR) 

Elvis In Vegas Vol. 02 (VHS Rip) (2 Discs) 

Elvis Live Live Live Vol. 01 

Elvis Lives On 

Elvis On The Tube Vol. 08 

Elvis On The Tube Vol. 09 

Elvis On The Tube Vol. 10 

Elvis On Tour 

Elvis On Tour Outtakes - Eternal Flame Productions 

Elvis On Tour Outtakes (2 Discs) 

Elvis On Tour - Recorded August 16, 2012. Aired On Turner Classic Movies. Widescreen. Digital Transfer 

Elvis On Tour (Crown Edition) 

Elvis On Tour The Alternate Movie (STAR) 

Elvis On Tour The Real Deal 

Elvis Presley Gladiators 

Elvis Presley's Graceland - Hosted By Priscilla Presley 

Elvis The Tribute Pre-Show (VHS Rip)

Elvis U.S.A. (VHS Rip)  Entire video is complete. All other versions of this rarity has always had the ending missing or the quality has been below average

Final Countdown To Midnight 

Follow That Dream 

For The Fans Of Elvis 

For The Good Times 

From Vegas To Aneheim  (VHS Rip) (2 Discs)

From Vegas To Charlotte (VHS Rip) (2 Discs) 

From Vegas To Washington 

Funny King In Kansas City

Geraldo - Elvis Impersonators (VHS Rip) 

Geraldo - Elvis WANTED Dead Or Alive (VHS Rip) 

Geraldo - The Love Life And Drug Death Of Elvis (VHS Rip) 

Girl Happy 

Gladiator - 2013 Edition

Go Cat Go 

Greatest Rock N' Roll Legends Scrapbook - Elvis And The Fab Four (VHS Rip)  

Harum Scarum 

He Touched Me The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (2 Discs) 

Hoarding: Buried Alive This Is Garbage Land (Digital Transfer) 

Hollywood Elvis Vol. 01 

Hollywood Elvis Vol. 02 

Home Movies Vol. 01 - The Fifties 

Home Movies Vol. 02 - The Sixties

Hometown Boy (VHS Rip) (2 Discs) 

Hot Shots And Cool Clips Vol. 06

I Don't Sing Like Nobody/Cut Me And I Bleed 

I, Elvis (VHS Rip) 

I Was The One

I'll Be There (STAR) - Expanded Version (2 Discs) 

It Happened At The World's Fair 

It's A Long Beach To Anaheim 

Jailhouse Rock 

Japanese Aloha (VHS Rip) 

Joe Espositos' "My Home Movies Of Elvis" 

King Creole 

King Masters (12 Discs) 

King Of Spades 

Kissin' Cousins 

Live A Little, Love A Little 

Live In The 70's Vol. 04 

Live Spirits (STAR) 

Mike And Maty - Memphis Mafia Interview

Milton Berle Show -June 5, 1956 

Mondo Elvis (VHS Rip) 

Never Ending Love (STAR) 

News Footage Vol. 01 (VHS Rip) (2 Discs)

News Footage Vol. 02 (VHS Rip) (2 Discs) 

News Footage Vol. 03 (VHS Rip) (2 Discs) 

One Night (STAR) 

Oprah - 10th Anniversary (VHS Rip) 

Oprah - Is Elvis Alive (VHS Rip) 

Palm Springs 4/28 - 5/3/99 (VHS Rip) (3 Discs) 

Palm Springs 6/9 - 6/11/2000 Elvis Friends Hollywood (VHS Rip) (4 Discs) 

Palm Springs June 2000 (VHS Rip) (4 Discs) 

Rapid City 

Rapid City (Black And White) 

Rare Elvis Vol. 01 (VHS Rip) 

Rare Elvis Vol. 02 (VHS Rip) 

Rockin' The Nation (13 Discs) 

Rockin' The Nation Vol. 02 (VHS Rip) 

Rockin' The South (VHS Rip) (2 Discs) 

Rolanda Elvis Tribute (VHS Rip) 


Scotty and D.J. 

Shake, Rattle And Roll (VHS Rip) (3 Discs) 

Soldier Boy 

Songs The King Taught Us Vol. 01 (2 Discs) 

Sound And Vision Vol. 01 

Sound And Vision Vol. 02 

Special Moments 

Summer Festival '72 Recompiled 

Summer Festival '72 Revisited 

That's The Way It Is - Original Version And the Special Edition Version (2 Discs)

That's The Way It Is Outtakes (31 Discs) 

That's The Way To Rehearse (2 Discs) 

The Alternate '68 Comeback Special (STAR) 

The Complete Ed Sullivan Shows (3 Discs) 

The Complete Works (3 Discs) 

The Definitive Elvis Vol. 11, 12, 13, 15, 16 (VHS Rip) (5 Discs) 

The Elvis Conspiracy (VHS Rip) (2 Discs) 

The Elvis Files (VHS Rip) (2 Discs) 

The Elvis I Knew 

The Fantasy Concert (STAR) 

The Final Performance

The Final Tour 

The Great Performances (2 Discs) 

The Incurable Collector (VHS Rip) - Segment of Rockin' Robins' Elvis collection 

The International (Finishing Touches) Papa Bear (2 Discs) 

The Joan Rivers Show - Elvis' Co-Stars (VHS Rip) 

The Jordanaires "Believe" 

The Last Farewell (VHS Rip) (2 Discs) 

The Lost Performances (Laser Disc Rip) 

The Pre-Aloha From Hawaii 

The Unreachable Star (STAR) 

This Is Elvis - Theatrical And Extended Versions (2 Discs) 

This Is The Story (STAR) 

Through My Eyes (STAR) - Expanded Version (2 Discs) 

Tickle Me 

Time And Again (VHS Rip) 

Touch The Dream (VHS Rip) 

Touched By Love (VHS Rip) 

Tribute To J.D. Sumner 

T.V. Night Vol. 17 

T.V. Night Vol. 23 

T.V. Night Vol. 24 

T.V. Night Vol. 25 

T.V. Night Vol. 26 

Vicki Lawrence - Elvis' Co-Stars (VHS Rip) 

Vicki Lawrence - Elvis Impersonators (VHS Rip) 

Virginia Is For Elvis Lovers 

Viva Elvis (VHS Rip (2 Discs) 

Viva Elvis (STAR) 

Viva Las Vegas  - Television Special

Viva Las Vegas